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Meet Ugne Valenciute

June 14, 2019

“Modelling is less about the face and more about the personality”


This week our amazing production team teamed up with the beautiful Ugne Valenciute. Ugne’s fun personality and youthful glow make her the perfect model for any shoot.


Ugne has worked for a wide range of impressive clients, from a huge commercial for Coca Cola, all the way to a high-fashion editorial for Vogue Thailand on a horse ranch. “I love animals, shooting with the horse made my day! Anytime I see a photo from a shoot I’ve done with animals, it reminds me of good memories. Animals have such good auras.”


Ugne is an all-round creative and so on top of the creativity of shoots, she also studies architecture in London as the British capital is full of amazing buildings, art and artists. Ugne enjoys visiting art galleries to admire and be inspired by the creativity of others.


As well as art, she also enjoys a good ski weekend and likes cycling, with it being her favourite mode of transportation in London as well as her top tip for staying fit.


Her best advice to all models to show your personality. Ugne knows that in the modelling industry of today people want to want with people, having success isn’t just about a pretty face, she brings energy and fun to every shoot!


DSC1069 DSC1006


Model: Ugne Valenciute

Photographer: Gianluca Santoro

Stylist: Jessica Daolio

Makeup: Margherita Lascala

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