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Meet Eva Pawl

May 31, 2019
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The highlight of our week has been hitting the streets of London with the gorgeous Eva Pawl and watching her work in front of the camera! Not only is she a complete pro but her energy and attitude made her a pleasure to work with.


She’s worked with world renowned photographer, Rankin, makeup brands like No. 7 and empowering lingerie brands like Coco de Mer. Modelling has taken Eva all over the world, from staying in a rustic beach hut on a beautiful secluded island (Robinson Crusoe style), to feeling pampered at high end hotels in Macau.

On top of modelling, Eva loves acting, music, dancing and has also had her fair share of time behind the camera too doing photography and film.

Eva spends her spare time listening to and learning from educational podcasts on diet, health and wellbeing.

On top of seeing so much of the world on land, Eva has also explored the world below the sea, scuba diving. Eva encourages everyone to give diving a try, “seeing the planet from a totally different perspective is incredible”. Definitely the most impressive way of keeping in shape we've ever heard of!

We asked Eva about the major changes that she has seen in the modelling industry, "Definitely the rise of social media," says Eva. "Now everyone can become part of the glitz and glam of the fashion industry!"


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Model: Eva Pawl

Photographer: Gianluca Santoro

Stylist: Jessica Daolio

Makeup: Margherita Lascala

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