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Model Booking Made Easy

Model Booking
Made Easy

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Why Clients Love Us


Innovative technology allows fast and smooth booking process

Quality Models

We only approve established professional models on our platform

Wider Choice

A range of all different types of models so that you can get the perfect model for you

Low fees

Only 10% commission, significantly lower fees than industry standards

Direct Contact with the Model

Ask questions and give job information directly, avoiding miscommunication issues


Book models anywhere, anytime

Why Models Love Us

More Job Opportunities

Make extra money and increase your client base

Trusted Quality Clients

Rigorous vetting system - safety is very important to us

Model’s Voice, Model’s Choice

Make your own decisions about the jobs you do. Take control of your career

Quick Payments

Our invoicing and admin process ensures models are paid roughly 10 business days


Set your own rates. We take only 10% commission. No hidden fees, no added taxes, no surprises

Direct Contact with Clients

Ask questions and give information directly, avoiding miscommunication issues

We’re Changing the Way Models are Booked

  • Search models
  • Send options
  • Book immediately
  • Manage jobs
  • Communicate directly

  • Receive options
  • Manage jobs
  • Communicate directly
  • Organise your schedule
  • Control your career

Ubooker in the Media



“This should have been done forever ago. This is like Uber for the modeling world.”

Whitney Brown,
“I cannot begin to explain how amazing this experience has been. Incredible - everyone at Ubooker has been so friendly, so helpful, so professional. It’s really empowering.”

Alessa Fisher,
“We love using Ubooker for our showroom jobs. It’s eficient, safe, fast - tailor made for our needs. We have been saving up to 30% in our model booking costs, and have also increased the quality of the models we book. The models are also very happy because they get more in their pocket.”

Federica Milli,
Senior Director Wholesale, Theory
“It is a really great platform that gives more autonomy and power to the girls themselves. The direct contact with the girls is a real benefit and, together with all the other features, helps to minimize drastically the back and forth process. Overall I think the Ubooker technology allows for an increased efficiency across the board.”

Henry Holland,
Designer, House of Holland

The transparent, easy way to book professional models, worldwide.

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