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“[Ubooker] delivers great quality while saving money [and] time. [It is also] rewarding the models who ultimately do the job.”
Manuel Ortega Garcia,
Operations Manager at Yoox Net-a-Porter Group
“This entire experience [with Ubooker] has been incredible so far. Everybody is so professional, so friendly, so helpful. It's really empowering.”
Alessa Fisher,
“Ubooker is the best model app there is. As a model, the work you do is all in your hands. The team is always there to help if you have any questions or concerns. They provide the best services and their clients are top tier. I'm really happy to be with Ubooker. I wish they were around earlier!”
“Model booking has never been so sleek! Since using Ubooker, we have saved money and time on every booking, achieving a 1.4x increase in our content production. Because of this [Ubooker] has elevated our overall online customer experience.”
Alessandra Rossi,
CEO of Luisa Via Roma
“This should have been done forever ago. This is like Uber for the modeling world!”
Whitney Brown,
“I've been in this business for 38 years and can honestly say I'm absolutely in awe of what Ubooker is doing. Cutting all the unnecessary “fat” out of this business is incredible. I have personally brought clients and talent to Ubooker because I think this is an honest and to the point opportunity for both sides. Keep up the awesome work guys.”
“We have been using Ubooker since 2019 and it has become our go-to tool to find models. Flexible and friendly, with a great selection of models worldwide, I highly recommend it to anyone keen on working fast and effectively.”
Olga Dromas,
Producer at Blue-i Productions
“I'm surprised this isn't the norm in the modeling industry yet. The app allows models to run their own schedules. Plus the payments are so fast. It's free to sign up and use. You'd be crazy not to try it if you're a model.”
Catina Gomes,
“Ubooker is definitely the best way to book jobs as a model! It is so much more convenient and cost friendly than the usual modeling agencies. I absolutely love the transparency and the positive attitude the whole team has.”
“It is a really great platform that gives more power and autonomy to the [models] themselves. The direct contact is a great benefit and helps minimise the back and forth process. [Ubooker] allows for an increased efficiency across the board.”
Anaïs VF,
Producer at Alvear Group (Neiman Marcus Productions)
“I've been working as a model for about 8 years now and I have been signed with many agencies. I must honestly say I am so fascinated by this incredible platform. It’s great and super fair.”
Vincenca Petrovic,
“I've been a model since 2012 and I just want to say this app is amazing. Ubooker is a must-have for all models.”
Semin Emran, Model
“We love using Ubooker for our showrooms. It is efficient, safe, fast and tailor-made for our needs. Since we started using [Ubooker], we have been saving up to 30% on booking costs and also increased the quality of our models. The models are also very happy because it's more money in their pocket.”
Federica Milli,
Head of Wholesale at Theory
“During the Fashion Week we cooperated with the U-booker agency. We are extremely pleased with both the ease of contact, understanding and flexibility as well as the extremely high quality professionalism of models combined with positivism. It all contributed to a great cooperation in a great atmosphere. We will certainly be using the U-booker service in the future.”
Birger Christensen A/S
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