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Why we're here

At Ubooker, we believe that, by empowering fashion's talent and creatives to fully take charge of their careers, we can build a better fashion industry.

Our platform is an easy-to-use tech solution rewriting the rules of the booking process. Top talent meet top brands. Simple as that.

Efficient, transparent, easy to use, Ubooker is leading the movement towards ensuring fair treatment and timely payment for our creative community.

The power of tech is bringing talent-booking its much-needed reckoning.

Our values
Running a business that is ethical and fair
Ubooker was born out of our founder’s frustration with overly high commission rates, late payments and having no say over assigned jobs. We run our business the right way.
Empowering creatives to go above and beyond
We encourage our community to delve deeper into their careers and nurture their other passions. We want everyone on our platform to succeed.
Promoting transparency
Nothing is a secret when it comes to our operations. Talent and clients are aware of what’s happening every step of the way.
Building a better industry
At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. A fashion industry that is inclusive and just. Through Ubooker, we are striving to get there, one day at a time.
Our team
Ubooker's mission
We believe clients and talent deserve the power of choice, and that the creative industry is ready to join the on-demand economy.

“Many people might be used to using a phone to order a meal or book a reservation, but a new service is bringing that same thinking to the modeling industry.

Ubooker connects models and clients directly online, and the new way models are getting hired is designed to put more control in the hands of the women doing the work. It also helps put more money in their pockets.

They have a new ally in Ubooker, just as Fashion Week is set to begin Thursday here in the city.”

ABC7NY by Sandy Kenyon
Tuesday, February 07, 2017 04:40PM

Code of Conduct
Ubooker is run by a dedicated team working to give our users the best experience with higher payouts. Users must understand this and treat our team with respect. We ask our community to keep these things in mind when active on our platform.
  1. Talent & Creatives, please be respectful when reaching out to customer service. We do all that we can to ensure you are getting the best deals in the industry, withthe smoothest possible experience. If you need anything, please reach out but also remember that we are people working for you, never against you.
  2. Clients, please be mindful of your talent’s time. Be thorough when creating options by including set schedules, locations and other details. This can streamline the work for everyone, including yourselves.
  3. For jobs that no longer need to be filled, please cancel the options. Talent, if you are not available, we ask that you decline rather than ignore the request so that the client can know to send other options.
  1. Everyone, please encourage and remind one another to treat others with mutual respect. We are working to better the industry. By practising good etiquette with one another, we can be a leading example for the rest of the fashion world.
  2. One last thing, please do not take your communication/ messages off the platform. By keeping them on Ubooker, we ensure our terms and conditions are being followed. Any attempt to bypass using Ubooker once a job has been initiated will result in account cancellation and banning from the platform.
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