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Meet Leka Dereviankina

May 14, 2019

We had the pleasure to work with Leka during our production in Paris. Leka’s energy and captivating look won us over instantly. Her charm, care-free attitude, and of course, her gorgeous smile is one of a kind. Leka is a picture artist turned fashion model, she spent her time creating installations and picture art in magnificent Japan.

Leka is now living the Parian dream in the French capital where she models for brands such as American Express and Le Coq Sporti. In her free time, Leka enjoys snowboarding, roller skating, and swimming. She loves being active and isn’t afraid to be a little bit out of her comfort zone.

Being an experienced freelancer, Leka knows the importance of time in such a fast-paced industry. For this reason, she joined Ubooker, giving her more opportunity to manage and take control of her own schedule.


Model: @leka_this_name_is_used

Photo: @gianluc4_santoro

Creative direction: @belenantolin

MUA: @romain.melchior

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