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In conversation with... Claudia Wagner

September 11, 2019
Hello readers!
Today we are happy to share a Ubooker feature with our dear founder, Claudia Wagner. She recently sat down with Fashion Monitor. She discussed her history as a model and how that experience led her to creating our platform. Check out the interview here!
To pair with her talk, let's discuss an issue capable of changing our industry as we know it. That issue is sustainability and the practices needed to make modeling thrive.
The definition of “model” is undergoing a drastic change in 2019.
Thanks to social media and the power of influence, models no longer need to sign unfair contracts to make a living. Models are free to work as they please with whomever they choose. Social media also allows them to voice their concerns to an audience that listens.
As a booking platform designed for the social media age, Ubooker is enhancing the transition. Our main goal is to better empower modeling’s hardworking individuals. They are the lifeblood of this industry, after all!
The aim is to strengthen the modeling industry by treating models fairly. Timely payments and the power to choose jobs are key ingredients to building a sustainable business model. Rewriting the role of the middleman as a genuine help instead of a hindrance is the cherry on top.
Gone are the days of waiting for weeks, months, even years for money that is owed to models. Gone are the days of excessive fees piled on by old-fashioned agencies. These practices are no longer tolerable for the modern model.
Our fair treatment of models also means fairer treatment for talent bookers. Ubooker's process for booking is easy, elegant and free from headaches.
By using Ubooker as a model or a client, you are receiving an experience uncommon to our industry today.
Ubooker is proud of its role as a leader in sustainability in the modeling industry. Our hope is that we won’t be an exception to the rule but rather a leader going forward.
Join us, support us. Let’s rewrite the rules!



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