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Meet Maria Matakova

January 29, 2019

Ever wonder what it’s like for a model to get to a job on time? And we don’t just mean the commute across town. In the contemporary global market, many models come in for jobs from all over the world. They will often live in one town for a few months, then move on to another location for the next. There are many who will commute from another city just for the day. Wonder what that’s like? We thought we’d share some insights directly with you from one of the Ubooker team - Maria Matakova.


“So far, I’ve been to many places where I’ve not only been a tourist, but I’ve kind of lived there - it’s a different experience, and is so bold for me.” - Maria Matakova

At 18, Maria took the decision to pack her bags and start modelling around the world. That decision has taken her on an endless journey through many beautiful destinations. Maria has shot campaigns for House of Fraser, Elle Russia and can call McQueen a regular client.  Her best shoot so far was a spread for Marie Claire shot in Fuerteventura. “The landscapes were stunning and quite different from one other. We managed to get some breathtaking images.” Maria loves painting and photography, often carrying her own camera when taking long walks through nature or around cities. Watch Maria’s interview to learn more about her modelling experience, and why she finally feels in control of her career having joined Ubooker.


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