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"End of the Model Agency as We Know It?" - BoF

April 05, 2019

"The modelling industry seems ripe for disruption. Stories abound of murky contracts, slow (or no) payment and other dodgy dealings. These practices have now given rise to apps like Ubooker [...] 

But as we learn in today’s must read story, while these apps may have the potential to create greater transparency in the modelling industry, they do not replace the need for carefully managing a model’s career."

Imran Amed - BoF


London, United Kingdom


Ultimately, says Scagnolari, it’s inevitable that a new player in the market pushes others to improve their practices — but he doesn’t claim or aim to replace agencies. “A disruptor is never somebody coming in and making everybody else disappear,” he says. “A disruptor is somebody that puts a question mark on the market. They say: there are other, better ways of doing the same thing?”


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