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Meet Dayse Lima

June 28, 2019

This week, Ubooker’s crew teamed up with Brazilian beauty, Dayse Lima for our London editorial.

Charm and a relaxed demeanor were two great highlights of Dayse’s personality. She was always quick to flash her dazzling smile and spread joy through easy laughter while on our set. The day was full of good energy and great vibes.

Our London shoot got lucky with the weather. Clear blue skies meant we could take to the streets. We shot Dayse in the summer sun while asking about her experiences as a model.

Though our conditions were ideal, often times shoots can bring unforeseen obstacles. Dayse recounted one such obstacle from a swimwear shoot she shot during the winter.

“We were shooting a bikini brand in the Alps. The location was beautiful but the weather was very unstable.

”She went on to describe how she got caught in a Swiss snowstorm while shooting bikinis. What may seem like a certain nightmare for some was not so for Dayse.

“It was a good memory because it was a new experience. It challenged me in a way I have never been before.”

Her laugh after concluding her tale was contagious.

Beyond battling the elements in little more than swimwear, Dayse's passions include art. She likes to spend her time outside of modeling painting portraits.

A lovely girl with a personality to match, we are so happy to share a bit of Dayse Lima with our readers. Her favorite thing that modeling taught her?“

Modeling taught me to be independent, confident, and a little bit crazy! To be myself and to express myself and the way I am.”


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Model: Dayse Lima

Photographer: Gianluca Santoro

Stylist: Jessica Daolio

Makeup: Margherita Lascala

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