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Meet Adeline Jouan

April 30, 2019

“New technology is changing the industry a lot, a part of my job is to be active on Instagram and Facebook. It’s not only about your portfolio anymore, but it’s also about my image on social media. ”


Last month we had the pleasure to work with Ubooker model, Adeline Jouan. Adeline is a truly beautiful person inside and out. She is passionate about modelling, loves travelling for work and shooting at outdoor locations. She has modeled for many iconic brands including L’Officiel, Yoox, and Cartier.


Alongside modelling, Adeline is an advocate for animal rights and runs an eco-friendly blog about creating a sustainable lifestyle through responsible consumption. In her spare time, Adeline enjoys jogging and unwinding with a relaxing yoga session.


She joined our platform to be to have more control over her career, in turn, giving her more choice and more confidence to work in the industry.


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Model: @adelinejouan

Photo: @gianluc4_santoro

Creative direction: @belenantolin

MUA: @romain.melchior

Video: @kelacoto

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