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Smart Modeling: Stay Home, But Make It Fashion

April 20, 2020
smart modeling

Ubooker is launching remote photoshoot capabilities with its talent of over 1,200 professional models and influencers worldwide.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, smart modeling allows clients to keep creating eye-catching campaign materials for their businesses by sending products to models for them to shoot at home. With digital being the main way that we connect right now, social media platforms are seeing a major rise in usage rates. Taking advantage of these eyes is imperative for fashion retailers, especially on sites like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok where daily user counts easily number in the hundreds of millions.

Clients can choose between booking models to produce a professional photoshoot or opt for influencer style iPhone shots. With the combined experience models have of working on set with creative teams and of producing their own content for social media, brands can be confident that their shoot is in good hands. Ubooker models have already taken part in remote look books, skincare shoots and video promos. Ubooker can also provide remote access to stylists, photographers, makeup and hair artists. Clients send style indications or connect via video call to ensure they are getting what they need for the shoot.

Additionally, Ubooker offers retouching and editing for clients. The packages are easy to navigate and tier based with usages spanning from clients website and social media, e-commerce and or advertising campaigns. Ubooker also understands the need to be thoughtful about how marketing is communicated at this time and can offer advice on best practices.

Not only is this a digital solution to a crisis that relies on technology to keep reaching its consumers, but this is a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution for a world that needs to reduce its carbon footprint. Ubooker offers the flexibility of allowing a business in San Francisco to hire a model in Paris, connect with a photographer in Milan and a source a stylist in Barcelona seamlessly.

Find the perfect model and/or influencer for an online campaign today and get to work.

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