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In Conversation - Ubooker founder Claudia Wagner + The Bloom Twins

February 26, 2019

“The music and fashion were always intertwined - it was never taken apart. We spend time doing music and then when you go on shows, when you go on photoshoots, music videos - it all comes back to fashion...”

- The Bloom Twins -


Early in February, we had the pleasure to work closely with the Bloom Twins. The girls have taken both the music and fashion scenes by storm. Since their arrival in London from the Ukraine, the girls have been writing music, producing videos, and shooting magazine editorials and covers. The moment the Twins signed up to our platform, we knew we had to sit down and talk to them, and learn more about their story.


During our conversation on set, the girls shed some light on the level of engagement they have in their work. “We like to be involved in the whole process”, the Twins explained. The girls love to work with creative teams, but are firm to choose the inspiration and help build the look and feel, because it’s “important for you to love it 360 degrees”.


Stay tuned for a series of videos where the girls share different stories with us about their career to-date.


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Photo: Gianluca Santoro

Creative direction: Belen Antolin

Production: Gna Production 

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