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Happy Holidays From Ubooker!

December 21, 2018

From all of us at Ubooker, we want to wish you Happy Holidays!

We are so proud of each and everyone one of our models and clients. We appreciate your patience, hard work, and commitment towards what we are doing. As you know, everything you do with us is directly contributing to a larger cause - to make the modelling industry a better, more transparent place for all of us involved in it.

We hope you all have a fabulous time during your holidays.


Here are some cool things that a few of the Ubooker community have planned:

“After going to my sister’s final Nutcracker performance on Christmas Eve, I’m flying to Houston to spend the holidays with my mom’s family and to feast on delicious Southern food!”

Lauren Elyse Forge


“I’ll be spending the holidays in my favorite city in the world - New York City - with my two year old niece Frankie, my sister Louise and my brother-in-law Javier - and hopefully getting Frankie on an ice-skating rink! Will be a time to spend with friends and family and loads of yummy food! I’m wishing everyone a very happy holidays and hope it’s filled with love!”


“I’m going skiing in Switzerland, so excited! We do this every year after Christmas and over New Year’s Eve - it’s kind of ritual.”

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