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How Ubooker helps prevent late payments

January 25, 2019

One of the most common topics of conversation when models get together is that of late payments. It’s a recurring theme and ongoing issue these days.  


So what’s behind it? Like most things that don’t work so well, it is because the infrastructure behind the process of model booking is heavily manual, outdated and doesn’t fit the modern world. In most cases, once the fee and details of a job are confirmed, the agent process these via some internal system. Then accounting teams get involved, invoices are often only sent at the end of the month and by regular mail. More manual processes can occur- phone calls, emails, messages left. All of this just leaks time. It’s easy to see how these old-school manual processes can just get made worse by something as simple as a missed email.


Like any business, efficiency of process and steady incoming payments are essential to success. Since being a model is similar to running your own business, late payments can really cause problems. Think of all the frustrations, stress and missed opportunities models experience as a result of not having steady income - missed rent payments, lack of money to travel to castings or different markets, etc. The constant stress of all of this side of modelling can impact your look and mood. It’s a given that a positive mood and vibe are essential to creating great images - so something as basic as not getting paid on time can really hurt your career as a model.


As models themselves, the founders of Ubooker understand these issues, as they have experienced it all themselves. It is to address this very issue that Ubooker has developed a cohesive platform that streamlines and digitalises these processes - meaning that receiving payments becomes a much faster and almost seamless system. Watch Claudia’s interview on this subject for more insight.


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