5 Things to Do in Milan

February 19, 2020

Next in line for the fashion month circuit is the ancient Italian city known for its beauty and influence on the fashion world. Welcome to Milan, models! This European jewel is unlike any other and is perfect for adventurers looking to discover its hidden treasures. We're here to make that quest a bit easier for you. Enjoy this list of Ubooker's five favorite things to do while in Milan.




1. The Duomo di Milano

You can't go to Milan without stopping by its most iconic landmark. This behemoth of a cathedral took six centuries to complete and it's easy to see why. Stare at it for however long you wish and you will never run out of new things to discover in its architecture. A grand square welcomes tourists to revel in the image of the cathedral. You may spot locals feeding the city's population of pigeons while you're passing by too. The scene captures the heart and soul of Milano in the best way. We recommend passing by here whenever you get a chance.




2. A Davinci Masterpiece

Italy was home to one of the greatest artists of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci. His work is sprinkled throughout Italy with Milan hosting some of his greatest. If you are an art buff, you can't miss a trip to the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie. Hidden inside this unassuming church is Da Vinci's "The Last Supper". The painting is centuries old and magnificent. The setting for it is a perfect complement to the piece too. Provided tours can shed backstory on the "The Last Supper" if you wish to know the history of Da Vinci and this master work of art. Tour or not, it's a can't miss!




3. Milan's Favorite Pizza

Italian gastronomy is a staple to the culture. Take advantage of Milan's food scene while you're there. Milan's Spontini Pizza is huge hit with tourists and locals, with lines around the block to try this thick crust slice. Over baked, soft bread with a crispy base and a lot of cheese, it's an easy meal that you'll remember.




4. World's Best Gelato

Ice cream lovers can't go wrong in Milan. Ample gelato shops will satisfy your every craving with a whole host of bold, yet subtle, succulent flavors. Our top gelato spots include Gelato Fatto Con Amore, Gelateria Latteneve, and Gelateria le Colonne.




5. The Navigli District

The Navigli district boasts cafés, bars, restaurants, art galleries, design stores, book shops and more. It's Milan's most hip and vibrant neighborhood and it's the only canal-based neighborhood left in the city. Take a stroll down the waterside at sunset and you'll encounter stunning views of Naviglio Grande's bridges, and then meander through its streets and enjoy a delicious dinner at one of its many restaurants.

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