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Models get a digital makeover. Ubooker in Vogue Business

April 22, 2020
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Hello readers!

Vogue Business featured Ubooker's new smart modeling remote phootshoots that we have set up to let clients and models collaborate from home. 

“This will fast-forward to a solution that we would have arrived at in a few years" says one of Ubooker's Co-Founders and it's CEO, Nicola Scagnolari.

Employing models in innovative ways

'Ubooker, whose roster includes more than 1,200 models, is introducing remote photo shoot capabilities that allow clients to book models who will remotely produce either a professional photo shoot or influencer-style shots wearing clothing shipped from the brand. This work is made possible by video sessions with stylists, photographers and makeup artists or models who live with photographers and other creative talents. Ubooker also offers photo retouching and editing. Ubooker is already in talks with the Estee Lauder Companies to use this service.

Hiring models to work from home taps into the existing model-as-influencer momentum, allowing professional models to take a more participatory role in the production, Scagnolari says. “The idea is to use professional models to do what they do best. The model feels empowered — they are not only the people in front of the camera but interpreting what the story is about.” Additionally, creatives based around the world can work together without travelling.'

Read the full article by Maghan McDowell for Vogue Business here.

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