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5 Side Hustle Secrets for a More Sustainable Career

August 22, 2022
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As many industry pros know, consecutive days of paid work come and go. Some months may see you booking out for work weeks at a time. Others… not so much. Instead of worrying yourself over these dry spells that, trust us, come for every person working in our industry, consider branching out into other endeavours that interest you and can keep you busy - and provide some extra income! - in the meantime.

There’s also merit in the belief that putting your eggs in more than one basket can lead to a career that is more sustainable in the long run. Who knows what the work culture will look like in 10, 5, even a year from now anyway? With all that is going on, from geopolitics to climate to supply chain; wise freelancers will remain mindful and, ideally, a few steps ahead.

Need some help with the differentiation part of fortifying your career? Use this post as a launchpad. Here is your step-by-step guide to identifying what hobbies and passions of yours could qualify as side hustles and how to start seriously pursuing them as such.

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Identifying your passions that can double as hustles 

Not every hobby of yours has the potential to double as a means for making money. And not every hobby should be! Some of your passions should remain as they are without the added pressure of bringing in the dough. Don’t run the risk of forcing something you love into a part time job just for the sake of collecting a payday - that can yield dire consequences. Think burnout or an overall dislike for something you once loved! Keep this in consideration when plotting out your side hustles. A good rule of thumb is, if you love to do something consistently, on a daily basis, when there is no money involved, that hobby may be a good candidate for pursuit. The golden rule for side hustling is that, whatever you may choose, it must be something you have no problem sticking to. Even when it gets difficult (which it most certainly will at times), you can power through.

Doing your due diligence

Once you identify the hobby you’re willing to elevate to side hustle status, it’s time to do some research. Unlike what you may believe, jumping right into the hustle game isn’t as easy as jumping into the deep end of the pool. Especially if you don’t know how to swim yet. You will need to educate yourself on your potential customer base, audience, whatever group you will be appealing to. Look to other successful hustlers in your chosen field and take note of what they are doing to maintain their reputations and, ultimately, make that dough.

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Being your own coach

Like we mentioned above, jumping into the side hustle game is not all rainbows and butterflies. There will be an adjustment period for any earnest freelancer looking to expand their prospects. It’s up to you to get up everyday and dedicate your time to building on your project. As your own boss, no one is going to be there to tell you what needs to be done. You’ve got to make your own goals, set your own deadlines and practice the consistency required to truly become a bonafide hustler. Of course, there are things that can help bolster the motivation necessary to stick to this. Find communities that revolve around what you yourself are doing and become an active member there. Having peers to help guide and encourage you will keep you looking ahead! Online communities can be a good place to start, or in-person events that you can find in places like Eventbrite, all over the world.

Marketing yourself

Here’s the thing with marketing: if you’re persistent enough, you can learn how to do it. Outreach will be the most critical part of your success in whichever side hustle you choose. Lean on the audience you already have to learn what works and what doesn’t. Pursuing music? Social media outlets like TikTok, SoundCloud and Spotify are your friends. More of a writing type? Try posting to various blog-hosting sites like Medium and Wordpress. Build a website under your own name and start hosting your projects, posts and creations there and link it on your social media profiles. Having an online presence is the name of the game these days especially when it comes to marketing.

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Making a career for yourself without the oversight of others is always a challenge. Only the people who aren’t afraid of an uphill battle can really make it work. Don’t let this deter you, though. Although it is risky, the reward of pursuing your own career and fortifying it with sustainable side hustles comes with a freedom you won’t find in a corporate setting. If you believe that you can do it, that’s the first part to making it work. Maintaining that belief won’t be easy and neither will the consistency that’s required but if this is really for you than success will surely come! Take these secrets to heart and build your dream life. Of course, by using tools like Ubooker (a platform that helps freelancers get work in the fashion industry), the uphill may lessen in its intensity a little. However, just be prepared for what awaits. If this lifestyle were a cakewalk, everyone would be doing it. You read this, though, which means you may have what it takes ;)

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