Meet Alessa Fisher

December 11, 2018

Last month, Ubooker produced our first editorial in London, and involved six of our girls as part of the shoot. We got to know each of the models pretty well, and couldn’t help but want to share. The first of these is the wonderful Alessa Fisher, who’s advice on how to get the best out of your career as a model was to stay true...


“Just be yourself. I’m not sure that’s so much of a tip, but that’s the only thing you can do... Just be completely raw.”


For the shoot, we collaborated with photographer Gianluca Santoro, creative director Belen Antolin, and Elle Russia to produce Ubooker’s first fashion editorial at London’s Spring Studios. During the shoot we got to hang out with Alessa and get to know her a little better. This super cool girl is a natural in front of the camera - her confidence and beauty shine right through. If there is one thing that modelling can teach you, it is how to develop tough skin and to learn true self-love. Alessa spoke to us about the perks and pressures of her life as a model, shared her experiences in the modelling industry and gave us her viewpoint on social media.


Check out out our social channels for BTS footage and stay tuned for the full editorial to be released in Elle Russia in February 2019



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