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Meet Sophie Totzauer

February 12, 2019

The volcanic island of lagoons and palm-fringed beaches that is Mauritius provided the perfect backdrop for a stunning bikini shoot. Without a doubt, Ubooker model Sophie Totzauer delivered her best work. Meet the sunkissed beauty…

“I love eating and going to the beach. Claudia, the founder of Ubooker, found me in a food market in London!” - Sophie Totzauer

As soon as Sophie enters the room, you feel her serene energy and intellect. Sophie has shot campaigns for clients such as Moët & Chandon, various German fashion houses and a TV commercial for Volkswagen. The Volkswagen job was one of her favourites, because she got to shoot with a real falcon on her arm. Besides landing bookings for clients like these, Sophie has posed for renowned photographers Mikael Jansson and Gianluca Santoro.

Before modelling, Sophie was a professional dressage rider and owned 11 horses. However, due to her busy travel schedule, she doesn't get much of a chance these days to see her remaining two horses. So, she keeps up her physique by practising yoga, working out consistently, and eating vegan.


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Photo: Gianluca Santoro

Creative direction: Belen Antolin

Production: Gna Production

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