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Meet German Supermodel Eva Padberg

June 01, 2018

When Eva Padberg tells us she comes from a “very tiny village,” she is not exaggerating. Her hometown of Rottleben, Germany—about an hour from Leipzig—has a population less than 700 people. Nowadays, to even call her a German supermodel is an understatement—Eva is an international superwoman.

Her modeling career has spanned from runway (for the likes of Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Paul Smith, and more) to editorial (gracing the pages of Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue…in five different countries) to fashion and beauty campaigns for Eres, Palmers, Topshop, Armani Exchange, and Astor, to name a few. Beyond that, Eva is a singer and songwriter of the incredible duo Dapayk & Padberg, alongside her husband, well-known musician and producer Niklas Worgt.

And she is a successful fashion designer in her own right, who is now expanding her empire to interior design with an utterly fabulous collection for Home24. Oh yeah and with all her free time, she has served as an ambassador for UNICEF.

See what we mean? International superwoman.

Q: Tell us about how you started modeling—who discovered you and how old were you?

I was 16 when I entered a modeling contest for the German magazine, BRAVO Girl. I didn’t win but a Munich-based agency saw me and asked if I wanted to try modeling.

Q: What are some of the highlights of your career? Were there shoots that were inspiring or photographers and brands you particularly loved working with?

One of my favorite and most memorable shoots was a production for Australian VOGUE in India. We spend several days in Jaipur and there was always enough time to explore. I got to sit and actually shoot on an elephant, which was completely bizarre, since we were in the middle of a huge traffic crossing right in the centre of the city. With modeling you often find yourself in these very unreal situations and looking back at it now, I find it quite strange that these things just become normal at some point.

One of my all-time favorite photographers to work with is Joachim Baldauf, who has become a good friend over the years. Also I really enjoyed working with Ellen van Unwerth and Tyen. Just so much fun to be in front of their camera. I love it when photographers get really excited.

Q: What is a project you’re working on right now that you’re excited about?

At the moment me and my husband are finishing our 5th album, which is going to be released end of 2016 or beginning of next year. Our music project is called Dapayk & Padberg. The sound is mostly electronic club music—he’s the producer, while I take care of lyrics and vocals. We have played in a lot of European clubs over the last 10 years. The new album is going to be a bit slower and take more of a listening electronica direction. We’re very excited about this change of style, since it’s something we always wanted to explore.

In the beginning of this year me and my good friend Katja Will, a Berlin-based designer, created a living/interior collection for Home24. This was another very exciting design project we got to realize. We had already done two fashion collections for the German Ebay shop. Next to music, design is another passion of mine and I’m really grateful that I get to do this.

Fashion season is here —what tips do you have for young models who are in the thick of it?
Try to get enough sleep, so no going out during fashion week. Take some power food in your bag with you (nuts, goji berries etc.). Bring your own makeup remover and moisturizer if you have to run between shows, especially if you have sensitive skin. That way you don’t have to use whatever is available and your skin doesn’t get overexposed to tons of different products. Usually there isn’t any time during fashion week to work out (at least I never made it, so if you can fit in a little workout you have my highest respect). For me sleep was always more important.

Q: What song is stuck in your head right now?

“Love Shack“ by the B 52’s

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

My style is best described with super casual, classic meets boho chic. I don’t follow every trend and comfort usually goes before style.

Catch up with Eva on Instagram @thepberg.



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