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Fashion Week 2022: Ubooker’s Survival Guide for Models

July 18, 2022
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With FW23 Haute Couture having wrapped up it’s run last week, fashion’s great circuit is slated to begin. The fashion industry’s big names will soon descend upon the four major fashion capitals of London, Milan, New York City and Paris along with models and model hopefuls vying for the bounty of jobs that come along with them.

You’re eager for the chaos to begin, to hurry from place to place through the vast and populous cities hosting this season’s shows. The frenzy is a palpable source of energy and also a huge drain. The heat of the summer is at its peak and the city is busier than usual.

Can you stay afloat amidst it all? Of course you can. Here’s how! In Ubooker’s survival guide for models, we will be outlining 5 tips to ensure you’re still standing once Fashion Month is over. Take a look!

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1. Keep your bag stocked.

Don’t be caught without the necessities. Castings usually require a few things from models who attend them. Because Fashion Week revolves heavily around fashion shows, heels are a must for the ladies. You might consider bringing deodorant or perfume too (it is summer, after all).Comp cards are also essential so make sure to have more than enough when taking your tour. Beyond that, we recommend having snacks and a big bottle of water so that you can stay hydrated during those long-distance days.

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2. Know where you need to go ahead of time.

Some agents do well by organizing your call sheet in a way that is optimal for travel. They will give you the call times and addresses the night before with the potential for others to be sent day of. It’s best practice to map out your journey well before you embark so that you don’t get caught having to cross longer distances than what is necessary. Also, invest in a train-pass. Taxis are expensive and variable traffic means the time it takes from point A to point B May differ from one moment to the next. Metros are usually far more reliable and get you where you need to go for cheaper.

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3. Dress for the weather.

Every model has heard the term “model-uniform” before. It’s typically something black and form-fitting that shows off a model’s best features. With FW23 taking place in the peak of summer heat as we’ve mentioned above, being wise about your wardrobe is key to avoid suffering under the sun. Shorts and sleeveless tops are just as acceptable for castings as long black skinny jeans. Staying cool is key here. Shoe choice is also imperative. You’ll be clocking lots of miles on the road and you don’t wanna get caught accidentally shredding your heels from a poor pair of shoes. Invest in a comfy pair of sneakers that won’t destroy your feet. With so much hype around them these days, it will be easy to find a pair that is both comfortable and chic.

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4. Bring something to pass the time.

Castings can be long with hundreds of models waiting their turn to meet with the client. We suggest avoiding the doom-scrolling through social media tactic to distract yourself. Instead, consider bringing a book, some playing cards or, if you’re a gamer, a gaming device. It will help to relax you and keep your confidence from being tainted by the waiting game.

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5. Don’t get discouraged.

Fashion Week can be grueling for models hoping to book work through the casting process. To travel around major cities, wait in a room full of other model hopefuls and then receive little feedback after meeting with clients can be a bit of a bummer. This is the reality of the business. Our biggest tip? Don’t ever take rejection personally. Clients are often looking for something specific when booking for their projects and just because you don’t fit into that mold this season doesn’t mean you won’t fit into it with the next! Use this time as a learning and growing opportunity. Every model has faced rejection in some way or another. It’s as much a part of the industry as booking work is. Remember to enjoy yourself and the adventure! The work will come!

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