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How Ubooker works for clients
Create your job
Specify your location and date for the job, and then use the search filters (budget, measurement, gender and more) to find your model. We’ll only show you talent that meet your requirements and are available, so you can find the perfect model for your job.
Send requests
Create casting, option and direct booking requests for your chosen models. Within 24 hours, we'll email you when they accept or decline your request. If they decline you can then send additional option requests to new models.
Book and manage online
Once a model accepts your option request, connect you via our messaging system so you can send the final details. Then, book your model easily with one click.
Invite models to join
Enjoy lower fees for models you invite! When you invite a model to Ubooker, we'll cut your fee to just 7% every time you book them on the platform.
FAQs for clients
How do I get started?
As with our models, we carefully pre-approve our clients to ensure that every contact is a great experience - for both model and client. So, before you can search and book models, we need to verify your account. Please complete your profile, so as to help us learn more about your company and project/s. Once you’ve completed the required fields, click ‘submit for verification’, and we will quickly review and verify your account. Once your account is verified, you can begin setting up jobs and booking models.
How do I pay models I book on Ubooker?
The majority of our customers pay with electronic payments, so we are set up for payment via credit card through Stripe, our payment processor. However, if you have other requirements contact us and see if we can accomodate your needs. We do this on a case by case basis.
How do I send option requests for a job?
Once you are logged in to your Dashboard, just click 'Book a Model’, to set up your job.  Enter the details for your job (dates, location, type of project, rate, etc.) and we will show you the models who fit your criteria. To send option requests, click ‘Select Models’ and choose up to 5 models per model required - so if you need two models, that’s 10 option requests you can make!. Then hit ‘Send’ and we will contact the model with your option request. Within 24 hours, we let you know if they’ve accepted or declined your request. If a model is not available, or does not respond to a request within 24 hours, you can send additional option requests.
Is Ubooker a modelling agency?
No, we are not an agency. We are a digital platform that connects clients directly to models. Both models and clients who join our platform agree to our Non-Exclusive Software License Agreement. This means that you are free to book models with any other platform or agency, and our models are also free to work with other agencies and platforms.
Welcome to the new face of modeling.
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