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Fashion business practices


Article 1 General Remarks

The following provisions are intended as recommendations to UBOOKER Users to govern legal relations between models and the respective clients in a binding manner, unless other agreements shall have been expressly made for specific cases.
In this way UBOOKER informs clients and models on which are expectations and demands which are not common practice in the trade.


Article 2 Working Hours

(1) The working hours for a booking by the day shall amount to eight hours, for a half-day booking, four hours. Unless agreed otherwise, the working hours for a booking by the day shall begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m. with a one-hour break for lunch. In the US is from 9am to 5pm including 1 hour lunch break
(2) The working hours shall begin when the model meets the client at the agreed location at the agreed time. Preparations such as makeup and hair styling shall count as working hours.


Article 3 Model's fee.

The model's fee shall include the daily fee and the buyout for rights of usufruct plus any VAT which may apply.

(1) Fashion rate

This shall include all photographs of clothing and accessories appurtenant to fashion (nightclothes, jewelry, stockings, shoes, hairdos, eyeglasses, etc.), which are designed in connection with fashion, insofar as this does not involve advertising.

(2) Special fee Underclothes, corsets, nudes, consumer goods advertising, advertising with photographs at the fashion rate and advertising films shall require a separate agreement.

(3) Half-day bookings and bookings by the hour

The model's fee for half-day bookings shall amount to at least 60 % of the daily fee for models residing at the location. Half-day bookings and bookings by the hour shall always require a separate agreement for models who must travel to the place of work.


Article 4 Travel Expenses

(1) Recompense for days of travel

The model's traveling to and from the location shall only be recompensed if it falls, in whole or in part, within the usual working hours for models. The recompense for days of travel shall amount to:

(2) Travel expenses

Models residing at, or not traveling to, the location shall not receive a refund for costs of overnight stays or accommodations. Except for half-day bookings or bookings by the hour, costs of transportation by taxi will only be reimbursed from the city limits.
For all trips taken together with the model, the client shall bear the costs of travel, overnight stays and accommodations from the airport or train station from which the model departs. The remuneration shall be made in a lump sum conforming to the standard fiscal rate per workday or upon submission of the receipts.
If the model should work for several clients at one location, the costs for each workday must be divided up accordingly.


Article 5 Liability

(1) The client should take out an appropriate insurance policy for models involved in particularly hazardous shots. If the talent/model was not expressly informed of the hazard at the time of booking, the model shall be entitled to refuse performance and shall receive a cancellation fee or anyway an adeguate compensation.


Article 6 Rights of Use

(1) The standard usage on UBOOKER is 6 months social media, internet and point of sale (POS) in the country in which the photoshoot originally took place. 

(2) Any utilizations going beyond those listed above, in particular for posters, outdoor advertising, billboards, packaging, displays, videos, as well as any use of the model's name, shall require the express written consent of the Model. 

If a client desires to expand the usage beyond the above, they should contact us at to negotiate a bespoke usage agreement.

(3) Rights of use shall not be granted until the agreed buyout has been paid. Any utilization before the agreed amount has been fully paid shall be prohibited.

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