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February 01, 2017
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For the past few years, we have been looking back on our 20+ year of modeling and thinking about how we could improve the industry to allow models to have more control over their careers and keep more of what they earn. Now, after a year of hard work and with the support of industry experts, a fantastic team of developers, and investors backing us – we are excited to announce that registration is open on UBOOKER by invitation and referral.


Our goal is to make modeling easier, more fun and even more prosperous. We will achieve this by connecting professional models with top clients worldwide on a platform that’s faster, more transparent and has lower fees than any traditional representation. UBOOKER membership is free and, in addition to taking a lower commission on jobs, will have many features that help you build your career:

  • Want to book yourself out? Just do it.
  • Does a booking request sound good to you? Give an option.
  • Going to Paris/London/Milan or NYC for a while? Just change your location.
  • Want to monetize your Social Media activity? We will have a feature for that too.

Today, we are open for model registration by invitation and referral. We have asked those we know and trust in the industry to refer the best professional models while we scout talent ourselves. If you’re an experienced, professional model and haven’t gotten an invitation yet, please sign up to be the first to find out when we open up registration – and don’t forget to include your portfolio link so we can see your work!

In the meantime, feel free to check in our blog or follow us on FacebookInstagram, or twitter, where we’ll be featuring stories of models who inspire us and sharing tips on how to build a successful career in modeling and beyond.
Thanks for visiting and here’s to a more prosperous career for all of us!

Claudia & Diana

C0-Founders, UBOOKER

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