The Ubooker Community Partners with GatherApp + Event Details!

November 12, 2019

Joining Forces For The Greater Good


Learning how to make your money grow, even when you’re sleeping, is the basis of our new partnership with GatherApp. By partnering with their platform, we are providing you, our models, with the opportunity to learn how to invest your money so that you can start earning more!


To celebrate this new partnership, we are inviting all of our models to an EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH EVENT on November 20 at the stunning Restaurant Ours in London! With a DJ, drinks, food (including vegan options) and a unique after party on a double-decker bus! RSVP to


Want to learn more about GatherApp?


Keep reading! It’s no secret that today’s means for making a living are more different to any other time in history and that our generation relies more on freelance work than any other. The benefits of this shift are many, giving freelancers more free time and opportunity to travel and take on creative side projects. But, there are drawbacks to this new normal. Today's freelancers do not have access to financial professionals like employees in major corporations do, which makes it tough to know how to manage your finances best.


Models receive their payments without much guidance on what to do with it. If you don’t have the wisdom needed to make your money grow, it sits in your bank account without doing much of anything. To empower yourself for a more bountiful future, you must learn the properties of money.


Ubooker wants to help its models in this realm. And we can!


GatherApp is a financial wizard that fits in your pocket. This smartphone app makes investing your extra income simple and meaningful. GatherApp also seeks to connect our generation of freelancers. They are building an app-based and global community focused on investing. The goal is to educate our generation of workers to make wise spending decisions worldwide. A focus on a global community means an acceptance of all currencies! Regardless of which currency you use, you can invest it with GatherApp.


And, we love it even more because GatherApp gives its community the power to invest in social impact areas that matter to them. That means that investment opportunities not only include real estate and tech, but also socially conscious business. You can help fund sustainable industries focused on building a more sustainable world.


Learn how to invest, use a simple interface to do it and rest well knowing that your money is funding a better tomorrow.

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