Sustainability in Action

November 29, 2019

The worldwide climate strikes take place today: Black Friday. Ubooker is highlighting models making a difference. Let their actions inspire you!


Georgie Badiel: Supermodel, superwoman

Since 2015, this fashion model has been at the helm of her own nonprofit. The Georgie Badiel Foundation has helped provide clean water to Sub-Saharan African regions in need. The organization also funds reforestation projects throughout Africa. Not only is Georgie a force on camera, but her true superpower lies in her passion for doing good for people and the environment too.


Carolina Fontaneti: A model for concsious  living 

Carolina is an environmental activist who is passionate about is taking the fashion industry to a new level of consciousness, where environment isn’t compromised. Carolina has taken part in multiple climate marches, worked with various sustainable fashion clients and is constantly advocating for us all to live as green a life possible! 


Chris Schortgen: A model that’s giving back 

Chris understands the power that comes with being a model. Chris decided to take the influence that comes with modeling and channel it into his nonprofit: 100 For All. This nonprofit is tackling the global water crisis by providing water to villages in the Philippines with every sale of its products. 100 for All also works to rally its community towards more sustainable practices. Their most recent campaign: #notaninfluencer is working to provide 1 million days of clean water to the 1 in 3 schools in the Philippines that go without it. Chris works hard as a model, but works harder to make a difference in places that need it most.




Sundal Roy: Fashion model, ethical fashion designer

Sundal knows the joys of fashion. As a model, she helps to showcase beautiful clothing in all parts of the globe. Fashion is a great bridge for cultures to appreciate one another and Sundal knows this well. She does her part to make this exchange a more sustainable one. With her label, Samsara, she designs clothes that make an impact. Her work upholds ethics over everything else. Cruelty-free, up-cycled clothing line her shelves. The motto? Conscious fashion for the evolving spirit.


Melissa Moncada: Creating sustainable solutions with coconut water

Colombian native Melissa is not only an avid cyclist and advocate for sustainable living, but she also launched her own brand of waste-free coconut water The Just Coconut. The smart, plastic-free design makes for a drink that is both healthy and great for the environment. The business focuses on lifting up other aspiring entrepreneurs from Colombia. The Just Coconut is working on many fronts to ensure a better future rich with opportunities for everyone!


Aine Campbell: A model that knows the power of the collective action

After years of working for sustainable fashion brands and spending time advocating for models rights, Áine co-founded the Model Mafia, a community of hundreds of models working towards a more sustainable, just and equitable fashion industry and world. The Model Mafia is using collective action to take on the big issues of climate change, and recently had models taking part in climate strikes in 15 cities all over the world! 

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