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Supply Chain Sustainability in 2022’s Fashion Industry: How to Make Sure You’re Working Ethically

June 27, 2022
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If you don’t know much about the current supply chain disruptions affecting all industries including our own, you will soon. Since Covid-19 upended business as we once knew it, the global economy and its major players have been forced to readjust. The fashion industry has not been exempt.

From the sourcing of materials used, to the global human capital it employs, the need for transparency in the world’s third-largest global industry is strong, and change is needed now. As a business that focuses on a significant cog in this massive machine, creative and talent-booking, Ubooker is aware of this necessary rewrite - in fact, we have been aware of it long before the pandemic came along.

The plain truth is this: fashion’s major labels will soon be facing the need for higher levels of accountability when it comes to ethically sourcing their goods and services. For large-scale businesses, this will mean an intensive review of current practices. For traditional booking agencies, this could mean that the reckoning that has long awaited them is finally here.

For brands to remain in favour with consumers who are, as the decade continues, becoming more particular with their spending, they will need to meet these demands, or risk being left behind. Among the major expectations for bolstering brand-consumer relationships, sustainability, transparency and social responsibility rank highest.

With this information, what can brands do when it comes to the talent-booking industry, one that is infamous for its exploitative history?

For one thing, they can trust in the advancements of modern technology. One door that has been opened here is that of the online booking platform like Ubooker. On a site like ours, we adhere to a strict code of conduct and ensure total transparency. Although it is now finally becoming the norm, we’ve been operating in this manner since our inception. Ubooker was, after all, a product of our founder’s deep-seated frustrations with the industry. At last, the industry as a whole is now expected to follow suit.

Supply chain issues aren’t going anywhere fast. It’s more than likely that we are entering a new mode of how work gets done. To continue operating successfully means adjusting to what awaits. For the fashion industry, that means authenticity. That means transparency. Maintaining viability in the modern market rides on giving the consumers what they want - and what they want now is pretty plain to see.

Put your trust in a platform that, instead of fleecing talent for what they’re worth and claiming all sorts of extraneous expenses as a justification, stands firmly on its principles of transparency, pays every talent what they’re owed in a timely manner, and harnesses the power of technology to achieve these goals. Not only is this good business for all parties involved, it’s simply the right way to run things.


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