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5 Things to Do as a Model in Paris

February 29, 2020
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Fashion month begins its long wind down in the last of its destinations: Paris, France. The French Capital holds much to do in its winding streets. Get lost in the alleys and you are sure to arrive at some beautiful work of art, architecture or cultural hub. Enjoy fresh baked croissants in the morning, coffees and wines on Paris' many terraces, and review our five recommendations for what to do in between all the fashion.

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1. The Obligatory Eiffel Tower Picture

It’s a must! Luckily, wherever you are in Paris, finding the Eiffel Tower is a walk in the park. The structure is hard to miss and is situated near the Seine river. Paris is pedestrian friendly and we strongly suggest walking from wherever you may be to this landmark. The streets of Paris are an adventure in themselves. Pass by flower shops brimming with seasonal plant life, inhale the delightful scent of fresh pastries and bread, and maybe stop at a terrace from some vin chaud! The tower will guide you an a magical journey!


2. Picnic on the Seine

As you walk along Paris’ iconic river in the summertime, you will be bombarded with groups of young French students lining either side of the river banks. They will be breaking bread together, sipping rose and beers and listening to the music of the season. These kids are on to something with this summer tradition that can be enjoyed on a sunny day at any time of year. Rally up your friends or roommates and take part. Nothing more Parisian exists than a picnic with the mates. Makes for prime photo material, too! Have fun with the spreads you bring and don’t forget to make a playlist!

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3. Capture an Afternoon on Film

Paris was meant to be captured on film. The old-fashioned grain of the images complement the beauty of the city perfectly. If ever you find yourself with an afternoon to kill, link up with an owner of a camera capable of capturing the best of Paris. The photos you create will transport you back to these special moments spent in this very special city. Disposable cameras are a great purchase and work wonders too!


4. Free Museum Day

An unspoken delight for Parisian locals falls on every first Sunday of the month. On these special days, the city’s major museums open their doors free of charge. From the Louvre to the Musée d'Orsay to all of the tiny museums in between. Paris plays host to many hidden museum treasures that are worth exploring on free museum day. The crowds will be busy swarming the major spots, leaving the unassuming museums prime for exploration. Our favorites? The Moreau Atelier, Delacroix and the Jardin des Plantes! Also, try exploring the major fashion museums while you’re out and about, such as the Yves Saint Laurent museum.

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5. Journal at the Sacre Cœur

Journaling is an invaluable tool for these crazy years in your life. Modeling is a whirlwind of a career where days are lost to chaotic fashion weeks or week-long showroom jobs. The best way to make sense of it all is to document it for later. You will thank yourself for doing so! A great place to sit and reflect? Near the beautiful Sacre Cœur of course! A park sits just behind this pristine cathedral that is oft left untouched by tourists. You can find a bench here, post up, and document your crazy story with inspiration on how to tell it all around you. 

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