A Fashion Week Survival Guide

January 21, 2020

A Fashion Week Survival Guide


Fashion’s major cities start to buzz with activity beginning in January. Everywhere you look, fashion-forward men and women are posing for cameras.

Welcome to the first fashion month of the new decade, models. Ubooker is here to help make sure you make it out of the gauntlet unscathed.

Here it is: Ubooker’s 2020 Fashion Month Survival Guide.


Layer Up!

The winter season is in full swing! This does not impact the need to travel to every corner of a city for castings, fittings and work. Make sure you prepare for these long treks with adequate layers. Fashion week is often a stress-laden event for its models. Don’t let the chilly temperatures influence this! Take that extra scarf!


 Shoes Made for Walking

Footwear is an important piece to consider with the arrival of fashion week. Sensible shoes are a necessity for the many miles models will be covering. Ladies, bring your heels in a bag and slip on your trusted pair of walking shoes. Need some inspiration on which pair of fashionable shoes double as walkers? Here are a few of our favorites.




 Distractions Distractions Distractions

Castings and fittings are infamously long-lasting. Casting rooms can hold over a hundred models for the major shows. Being surrounded by hundreds of other hopefuls can be a stressor of its own. Bring something to act as a distraction. Books are great for this. Here are a few I suggest.


Stock On Snacks 

Not many castings have food for visiting models. As castings can consume many daylight hours, be sure to start the day prepared! Protein bars, nuts, fruits and a whole bunch of water will keep you fresh and energized. Running on empty is not the best strategy.  


Have a Plan

Ubooker is a great tool for helping streamline your calendar for fashion week. Jobs you book with us are automatically registered in the calendar of the Ubooker app. Unfortunately, this organization is not the norm for traditional agencies. Staying on top of your schedule rests on your shoulders for much of the Fashion Week experience. Adopt a planner or use a planning application on your phone like this one, and build up a reliable routine.



Enjoy the Ride!


Fashion Week is a busy and chaotic period for models. Long castings, never-ending fittings, and too many rejections to count. It can be easy to let this chaos make Fashion Week a negative experience. Our last bit of advice? Enjoy these moments! The energy that Fashion Week brings to a city is a temporary sort of magic. Don’t take the event too serious. Be sure to stop and take pride in your hard work. Fashion Week wouldn’t quite be the same without its models, after all.


We wish all our models a pleasant Fashion Month! We are so excited to offer you more opportunities for work during these high-energy times! If you ever need anything, we are a phone call away.


Models supporting models, that’s the motto!


Good luck!


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