Helpful Hacks to Live More Sustainably

October 28, 2019

Thanks to social media, a model and a public figure are one and the same. We all have an audience, be it big or small. Why not use this position to push better daily practices? A big conversation these days is one revolving around sustainability. As we learn more about our impact on the world, we see what needs to change to preserve our way of life.


Ubooker understands that change is not only a good idea but an imperative action to take for the future. Our platform is built on the principles of sustainability.  To help models who wish to be more sustainable themselves, continue reading! We present to you our shortlist of easy changes to help you help our planet. Be a role model for your peers! 


Eat Seasonal Foods

Agriculture takes a big toll on the environment. This is especially true for produce that comes from places far from where you live. Shipping and producing these fruits and vegetables is no easy task and the carbon footprint is a big one. 

To limit this impact, we as consumers must evoke change with what we choose to buy. Trying buying foods that are grown during the current season. Even better, try to buy foods that are local.

Go to the farmer’s market, support small producers and change how we consume for the better. It’s as easy as that!


Meat-Free Mondays 

Agriculture is not the only industry with heavy implications on our planet. The meat industry is especially polluting. A new trend started springing up in more modern times. It involves abstaining from consuming meat for one day per week. Some take it as far as removing meat from their diet entirely. This change is not necessary to make a difference. 

As models, we are often looked to for our lifestyle habits and dietary regimes. To advertise this “Meat-Free Mondays” idea could inspire viewers to do the same.

The less meat we consume, the less meat is produced. That means the impact of the meat industry is lesser too. Give it a try!


Cut Your Consumption of Plastic and Paper Goods

We all love a good takeaway coffee or juice. It’s easy to drop in to our favorite cafe and buy to go beverages without thinking. 

We want to challenge you to challenge yourself with this. Next time you get a drink, forego taking a straw or even a lid. You could invest in a reusable coffee cup but the jury’s out on whether this is a better alternative. 

Also, be sure you are buying Fair Trade products! That means they abide by both social and environmental standards. That’s something we can all agree is a good investment, right?


Buy Vintage 

Fashion is our industry. Unfortunately, fashion is a pretty big offender against sustainable practice. But ways to engage in and enjoy fashion that are sustainable do exist. 

Ever hear of thrifting?

Thrifting provides you the opportunity to find one-of-a-kind pieces. Bonus! It also eliminates the carbon footprint that comes with clothing production. Did we mention it's a pretty fun hobby?

Next time you want to add a new staple to your wardrobe, research local consignment stores nearby. Cities boast many different stores dedicated to consignment and vary from cheap to high-end. Give thrifting a try, you may get hooked.


Support Sustainable Businesses

The best way to evoke change? Putting your money in the pockets of people who are already working towards a better future. We touched on it a bit above with our consumption of food products. This can be said for all industries. There are companies practicing sustainability in transportation, technology, fashion and more. If we put our money in businesses that favor these practices, the world will follow suit. You can already see this happening. Major corporations are now pledging to become more sustainable in the future.

With our influence, we can quicken the pace of this transition even more. Want a list of sustainable brands you can help support? Look no further!


Here’s a list of sustainable fashion brands written by Harper’s Bazaar.


Here’s a list of sustainable food companies and where you can buy their products.


Here’s a list of travel companies and booking platforms that find you options that are eco-friendly.


And finally, here’s an extensive list detailing the most sustainable corporations that are active today.


Remember, the path to a more sustainable future starts with us. As models, we have a significant say in the rate of adopting these practices going forward. 


Ubooker wants to empower its models to become leaders in this transition. Models have the power to inspire others for a better tomorrow. We hope this helps!

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