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Meet Millie Waite

July 12, 2019

We had the pleasure of spending a sunny London afternoon with the very charming Millie Waite. 


A classy Southampton girl, Millie shared a bit of her wit between glamour shots. Getting on with Millie was easy. She is well-spoken, sharing with our team her hobbies and interests with classic humor. It turns out Millie is a fitness addict with a penchant for baking delectable goods.


“I love working out, crazy as it seems.” She told us with a smirk.


Millie also loves to travel. She thanks modeling for giving her the opportunity to see what lies beyond the UK. To say its taught her grace and maturity wouldn’t a stretch either. She exudes an easy demeanor thanks to her work as a model.


“Modeling has taught me patience, although I’m still learning that one.” Millie says. Her authenticity makes her quite compelling to capture on screen.


Having a thick skin is another lesson Millie learned through her time as a model. This is a value a lot of girls could enjoy who work in the industry as well. The final thing modeling taught her?


“This world is extremely big and staying and working in one city is just a disappointment.”


Her perspective goes beyond being a Londoner. Millie is embracing changes we are seeing in the industry, like a more inclusive roster of models. Having models of different shapes and sizes looking fabulous is a step in the right direction. We couldn’t agree more! 


Millie is a model with an intelligence to match her beauty. It is no wonder that she’s worked major lingerie campaigns for Primark among other achievements. 


With a wit that makes us grin, we were happy to spend our day capturing Millie Waite’s best features, inside and out. We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about her!


DSC1587 DSC1427


Model: Millie Waite

Photographer: Gianluca Santoro

Stylist: Jessica Daolio

Makeup: Margherita Lascala

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