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Meet Khalil Saidane

April 16, 2019

During our recent shoot in Paris, we got to meet Khalil Saidane. Whilst having coffee together at Le Bastille we learned some fascinating things about Khalil.


During his studies to be a lawyer, he was approached to try modelling - and this quickly worked out for him. He landed bookings for clients including Coca Cola, menswear brand Jules and was involved in several film productions. He is enthusiastic about cooking and is training to become a chef. His favorite activities outside of modelling include karate, swimming, cinema, and drawing.


Watch his interview to find out what he thinks about the modelling industry and what changes he would like to see.


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Model: @monkey.businessz

Photo: @gianluc4_santoro

Creative direction: @belenantolin

MUA: @giuliopanciera

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