Meet Céline Veller

January 15, 2019

“I think that modelling was more real before social media came along” - Céline

This French belle’s looks and personality definitely classify her as regal. Céline is wise, elegant, thoughtful and, of course, beautiful! Once we met Céline we immediately knew there was something special about her. She shared more of her story with us as we got to know her better over a coffee during our time together last November. Céline has worked for Lancome, Dior, Promod, KODD Magazine, Boutique Arthur, Dadasport and more.

Photographer Gianluca Santoro

Creative Director Belen Antolin




She loves to horse ride, swim, play football and her favourite downtime activity is interior decorating. During her interview, Celine talks about how she thinks social media has changed modelling, and what she thinks about this. She highlights how she sees that modelling has unfortunately become about portraying an unreal life on social media. The importance brands put on influencers and bloggers has drastically shifted the way that fashion brands market their products. Want to hear more? Click to watch her full interview.

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