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Tech with a Fashion Focus: Claudia and Diana with Just Entrepreneurs

October 03, 2019
“The world has been evolving, we buy our clothes online, yet the modeling booking process has remained the same. We felt it was time for innovation to take on the modelling industry and if anyone could do it, we could.” - Claudia Wagner, model and founder of Ubooker
As women coming from the fashion industry, the transition into tech-based business leaders was far from seamless. With the wisdom that comes from working in the modeling world for 20 years, Claudia Wagner and Diana Gaertner knew it was worth a try.
In Ubooker’s most recent feature, Claudia and Diana discuss how they became tech-focused entrepreneurs. They also outline the main reason behind launching their platform.
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Technology is now a staple in daily life. The early adopters of tech integration carry the potential of reshaping entire industries.
The case is clear for the fashion industry.
Brands are beginning to conduct many of their activities online. The time for the modeling industry to follow suit is now.
With Ubooker, the goal is to give modeling an upgrade. Booking talent is easy and payment is quick. Both clients and models are vetted to ensure quality and professionalism.
No longer is it routine to send millions of emails to agencies before being able to book. The process is as easy as clicking a button.
Alongside the tech enhancements are the treatment of the models on the platform. Ubooker models work for themselves and have total control over their schedules. Ubooker also encourages its models to communicate directly with their own clientele.
This is modeling 2.0. Modeling made better.
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