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Ubooker's 4 Tips to Stepping Up Your Side Hustle

October 14, 2019

Ubooker is happy to share with you a few tried and true tips on supercharging your side hustles. As freelancers with time to kill, these tips are invaluable in growing your brand and image. Take it from us!

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Without further ado, let’s dive in!


1. Explore your other passions


Modeling is a bit of a gamble for consistent work. Some months are loaded with jobs while others tend to be pretty quiet. A fatal flaw in these quieter months is models who fill that free time with a whole lot of nothing.

As models, we are fortunate to have this time to explore hobbies and passions. When you find yourself with time to kill, sit down with these activities and flesh them out. They could become a riveting part of your brand.

Models who have more to their image than modeling are more memorable and interesting. Top models often spend more time sharing their interests outside of the industry than the industry itself. Passions can humanize you and set you apart from other models.

Plus, it will prevent you from going stir crazy. That’s a big bonus!


2. Network network network


Any freelancer’s biggest and best asset is their social network. People love connecting with others. They will always favor working with individuals they have relationships with over strangers. Whenever you find yourself on the job or at a social outing, make it a habit to meet new people.

Be authentic in your presentation. No one connects well with people who are trying too hard. The more you exercise your ability to mingle, the better. Conversations tend to flow naturally into professional ventures. When they do, take that as your cue to begin the networking game.

You can also network online. Instagram is a great place to connect with other creatives and professionals. Follow people that interest you, like their content, leave comments and don’t be afraid to slide into the DMs! You may be surprised what a little extra effort like this can do.


3. Build a website


As the professional world continues to optimize for the online space the importance of having a presence there grows with it.

Creating a website with your name allows you to build an online portfolio. Store whatever you think would be beneficial there. This includes photos, written work, videos and things that reflect you.

Whenever you meet someone new, sharing your webpage is like sharing a business card. Webpages have the added bonus of being way more interesting too.

Great resources for website design include,,, and

Build a website and then link it to your social media. This will help create a broader perspective on your brand.


4. Get Out There


The most debilitating course of action models can take? Sitting around and doing nothing. Use your free time to be productive. Engaging with your audience is key to remaining at the forefront of their minds.

Waiting for opportunities to come to you is equal to fading into the void. If you want to turn modeling into a longstanding career or freelancing in general, taking action is key!

Explore your passions, meet people in your industry and build a legacy to share. The impact these simple steps will have on your career will be huge.

We hope that these tips help you in developing your side hustle further. Being a freelancer is no easy task. Implementing these steps can help to amp up your freelancing career. Don’t be afraid to take risks and to put yourself out there. The best freelancers are the ones that get after it every day.

Ubooker is a platform that helps streamline the freelancing process. Use these tips and check back for more in the future. As a platform by models for models, we want to empower you all to succeed!

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