Meet the Team - Marta Mota

February 22, 2019

As part of our weekly newsletters, we wanted to start introducing our internal team to you so you can feel a bit more connected to who we are and what we do. To kick this all off, please meet Marta Mota - our Head of Business Development.


Marta may have contacted you regarding a booking, production shoot or availability for a casting. Marta has worked in the fashion industry for many years, with experience on both client-side and in agencies. She worked for several years at Zara as a corporate image manager, taking care of all the shoots and campaigns. After Zara, she began her agency experience working for Women Model Management in Paris, France. Marta became a top agent for the Women Management Network, but saw the dramatic transformation happening in the industry as it moved into digital production.


Marta realised that traditional agencies were not preparing for and dealing with these changes. Over the past 5 years, as online content has rapidly developed, clients have begun to book many models every week, instead of working on seasonal production. This means a need for both more responsive agencies, as well as access to a greater selection of talent.


Seeing this transformation, Marta saw the longer term and more positive impact that the Ubooker approach is tapping into within the industry. For clients, models can be searched faster and booked more easily. For models, the platform empowers models to be more in control of their careers, whilst increasing their visibility to clients as there is no agent in the middle choosing which few models get proposed for for each job.


Favorite hobby: Travelling far

Favorite book: Un Barrage Contre Le Pacifique by Marguerite Duras

Advice one-liner: “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”


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