Meet the Team - Andrea Losso

March 01, 2019

This week we are happy to introduce you to our Ubooker tech guru - Andrea Losso. Andrea was born in the Italian Dolomites and has worked in tech for over 20 years.


He began his career being part of the creation of the first Italian websites and providing advice on security for local governments in Italy. Looking for something a little more creative, he founded two new tech companies. He then took this experience and began helping the launch of new internet startups - supporting early-stage businesses with challenges including e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, and complex integrated websites.


Fast forward a few years, and Andrea met Ubooker founder & CEO Nicola in the cozy town of Padova and decided to join Ubooker as a co-founder and CTO. Now, he is responsible for all of the technological innovation, development, and realisation of the innovative Ubooker platform that is helping to change the modelling industry - giving you worldwide exposure and helping you get paid faster!


Favorite hobbies: Skiing, sailing and snorkeling

Favorite book: “From Cape Wrath to Finisterre” by Björn Larsson

Advice one-liner: “Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm”

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