Ubooker: this digital modelling agency wants to transform the fashion world

September 16, 2019

We are excited to bring to you another feature this week! Ubooker was the topic of an article published by the Evening Standard recently. The web is buzzing over the Ubooker revolution and its easy to see why!

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To be a model in today’s times goes far beyond being an attractive stranger in a magazine. The birth of social media did away with the anonymity of the faces in advertisements and editorials. What came to replace it was a platform that allowed modeling’s major players to speak out against injustices and speak for the reforms the industry desperately needed.

When the models started talking, Claudia Wagner and her team started listening.

Together, Claudia, Diana Gaertner, Nicola Scagnolari and Andrea Losso built a modeling platform meant to address the major issues facing the world’s models. The answer to the problem was a digital platform named “Ubooker”. The motto? By models for models.

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